CURVY BRIDES DRESSES LONDON: Millie May Graceful Collection

Curvy Brides Dresses London: Millie May Graceful Bridal just one of many designer collections for curvy brides that we carry.

It’s a collection that features breathtaking and diverse styles to suit every bride. Millie May Graceful is a specialist plus-size range, designed with curvaceous brides in mind. Gowns are designed with an artisan use of embroidery and bead-work incorporating fabrics such as lace, crepe, soft satin, organza, chiffon and tulle. We ensure that quality and attention to detail of our dresses are in line with existing bridal trends. The collection offers an A-Class quality with a breathtaking tag price. Fall in love with our gorgeous collections.

5 Essential things to bear in mind when you’re shopping for your plus size wedding dress

1. Find Shops Where You Can Actually Try on Dresses

Research your plus size collections, choose the ones you actually like, find your local stockist, phone up and ask what they’ve got in your size for you to try on.
You have to do your homework. Remember it might be worth travelling 2 hours to a shop where you can try on 20 plus size wedding dresses, as opposed to half an hour to a shop where you can try on one dress. At Beautiful in Curves we have multiple designers and multiple designs from each designer so you will have loads to try on, all the way up to a size 30.

2. Be Realistic About Your Size

Avoid buying a dress to slim into. We’d all love to take a pill that could magically ake us lose 10 stone before our wedding but unfortunately it doesn’t exist. So don’t set yourself up for failure. Some brides do lose the weight, but nine times out of 10 these ladies don’t lose and you’re putting that extra unnecessary pressure on yourself and planning a wedding has enough of that already! Choose the dress you like at the size you are on the day you buy it.

3. Always Think About Your Budget

Make a budget and stick to it! Find dresses at a price point you’re comfortable with and stick to your budget. It’s so easy to go in and get carried away and before you know it you’ve blown your budget and you’ve got the pressure of that as well. Our designer curvy wedding dresses are budget friendly starting at £800 and topping off at £1600.

Also, remember to find out about all the costs upfront. If you’re ordering a dress, do you have to pay on the day? If you’re buying an off-the-rail dress, can you take it away that day and do you have the pay the whole lot in one go?

4. Use Plus-Size Models as Inspiration

When looking at collections online, don’t look at Pinterest boards of models that are a size 6 and 8! Look at plus-size models in plus-size dresses. That’s really important.

5. Be Wary of Ordering Online

Lots of plus-size brides turn to the internet to order their dress to avoid the “humiliating” experience of going to regular bridal shops and not being able to find anything in their size or even have that size available to order.

At Beautiful in Curves our whole business is solely focused on dressing curvy brides. We understand what you may have experienced in the past and you certainly wont experience it in our bridal shop.

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